Hockey players, the National Bank's annual hockey tournament, the BN Classic, is back for a 20th edition! 

This is a flagship sporting event of the Bank. 

Teams from different categories and levels take part in a friendly competition to win one of the iconic BN Classic trophies. 

The tournament is once again benefiting  Breakfast Club of Canada. Each team and player engages in a fundraiser, in order to multiply the impact of the event in the community!

From 13th to 15th of May 2022.

*Please note that we are planning the tournament with a certain degree of uncertainty, depending on the evolution of Public Health and National Bank instructions.




  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Tin Pehlic
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Gilbert Morrissette$ 25Go Flames Go
  • Richard Gue$ 40On est ensemble pour la cause
  • Cedrick cote
  • Anonymous$ 100
  • Vicky
  • Annie$ 20Bravo Ann-Julie, merci de ramasser des fonds pour cette cause importante.
  • Annie$ 20Cette cause me touche beaucoup, merci Ann-Julie .
  • Neel
  • Yvette Dignard$ 20Go Marise Go On t'aime beaucoup!! Yvette
  • LU TO HA$ 50
  • Mario Caron$ 100
  • Fred$ 60

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