We are pleased to invite you to participate in our Month of Service: Feeding the next Generation fundraising campaign for the benefit of the Breakfast Club of Canada Organization. This campaign is part of Acuity's Month of Service through the EarthLight initiative.

Your donation can make a huge difference for school-aged children by helping them start their day on the right foot!

With the current pandemic, 1 in 3 children go to school without eating breakfast. By making a donation, you should know that $3 = 1 breakfast and that each $ raised will be matched by our company.

Help us reach our goal of $ 3,000 by contributing and sharing our campaign with your relatives and friends!

To do this, you can use the share my page section by clicking share to encourage them by donating online using the highly secure site. 

It's a difference we can make in children's lives by nurturing their potential, their health and giving them an equal chance at success ! 



  • Eureka, Cyclone et Luminis
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Les employés de production Eureka$ 352
  • Michel Prevost
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Alexis Majeau
  • Manon Caisse
  • Katherine Lund
  • Juan Carlos Rivas$ 100Belle initiative.
  • Chantal Vertefeuille
  • Curatolo's
  • Stacy$ 100
  • Marc A.
  • Ovidiu
  • DL$ 100Il reste deux semaines. On peut y arriver!
  • Camille Bigeon
  • Mathieu Robitaille$ 20Merci de permettre a plusieurs de nos jeunes de pouvoir partir leur journée l'estomac plein. Continuer ce beau travail et cette belle implication.
  • Anthony C
  • Marc Pearce
  • Martin Levesque
  • Roxane S.
  • Gabriel Hen
  • Katherine R$ 20
  • Guillaume Fortin
  • Johanne Church
  • Josée Lalonde-Roy$ 25
  • Martine Chicoine
  • Dirk
  • Nadia Sami
  • Pierre-Marc$ 20
  • Véronique Baril
  • Laura Willard
  • Chafik Boulesnam$ 50
  • Caroline Hubert
  • Luce
  • Anaïs HP
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Romelu Damian
  • Caroline Picard
  • Joelle :)
  • Pierre-Marc
  • Juan Perdomo
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Etienne Vernier
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Yoann Brien
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Francois R.$ 100Go team Acuity!
  • Andrew Shotton$ 20

With the new Canadian regulations, it is necessary to create an account and be logged in to contact a campaign manager or member. We thank you for your understanding.