Melissa Hardy

Hunger Gamers

INTRODUCING… (*cue intro to “Bring Em Out by TI*)

1. The Newfoundland bullet with premium fuel built for endurance … MELISSA HARDY. Fun fact: She is the only family member off the Island of Newfoundland and highly considering long distance swimming in her next training block.

2. The busy dad, the backbone of the organization, and the real MVP ... TIM HIERLIHY. Fun fact: If he had a superpower it would be invisibility!

3. Coming in at exactly 5 foot, no more no less, the creative mind and the Jill of all trades … TAYLOR MATTIE! Fun Fact: her nickname in high school was “short stop”. She loves curling and aspires to be the next Colleen Jones (gum chewing included)!

4. The reliable coworker with the caring heart, who is constantly doing laps of the dinning hall and showing how he is always there for his team … KRIS BENOIT! Fun fact: his ideal weekend is making memories with family and he is a kid at heart. 

5. He picks things up and puts them down. The strength on the team in more ways than one… SYAH JAMALUDIN! Fun fact: He once tried to eat 100 pieces of chicken nuggets in one sitting thinking competitive eating was his calling in life.

6. The retail queen with the best mix of productivity and fun. She runs the show at work but her youngest definitely runs the show at home! Fun Fact: Her favourite volunteering experience has been Music of the Night, which she has been a part of for the last 4 productions! 

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Goal: $ 150

Raised: $ 75


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