Aghareed Aboush


Stop Hunger Challenge - IT MOBBAL Team 

As a mother of three children, I understand the importance of providing adequate amounts of nutritious food to children who are in their critical stages of development. Having access to healthy food is a basic human need that should be available for everyone, especially innocent children. It aches my heart to know that there are children who go to school on an empty stomach; therefore, I have decided to support the Breakfast Club of Canada to help in providing morning meals to all those who are in need.

I have committed to do my small part in raising awareness about the club's work in our community. All of our small efforts combined can make a big difference in helping these children get the nourishment they need and deserve. Healthy development will allow them to flourish and will only further help our community as a whole. The average cost of one breakfast meal served by The Breakfast Club is $3 only! My goal is to raise $500 by June 10th. 

Please visit my page at ( and give today.

A tax receipt will automatically be issued for every donation of $20 or more.
On behalf of all the children benefiting from this initiative, a big THANK YOU for supporting the Breakfast Club of Canada

Aghareed Aboush 

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Goal: $ 500

Raised: $ 20


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