Brian Hann

Team CRU5H

As a result of the pandemic, there are over 2 million children in Canada who face food insecurities on a daily basis.  That represents 1 in 3 children across the country.  

I love seeing the support local restaurants are receiving with our community support, and for those supporting, the decision we get to make is what type of food do we want today.  What hit home with me was that there are children who not only don't get to decide what they want to eat, but don't even get to decide if they can eat today.  I imagined my kids in that same situation and it's an awful feeling to have, so I want to do everything I can to help give these children in need a fighting chance.  I believe as a community, we all can make a difference.

The average cost of a meal donated has gone from $2 to $3 per meal due to rising costs following the pandemic so even the smallest donations will help make a difference.  I'd love your support and thank you for anything you can do for these kids..

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Goal: $ 3,000

Raised: $ 3,674


  • Bill McFadden$ 150Brian, you are a superstar! You put the CRU5H in CRU5H! Thanks so much!!
  • Dean Campbell$ 150YOU crushed it Brian! Amazing job.
  • Nathan Sweezey$ 150
  • Ancaster Blitz Basketball Club
  • Elena and Mike Schmidt$ 60Great work Brian!
  • Dean Duff$ 150Carrying team CRU5H...thanks Brian!!
  • Anthony Tigani's Sponsers$ 500Great Job Anthony! You worked hard all month to achieve your goal!
  • Anonymous$ 100
  • Kevin Dipietro
  • Anonymous$ 100
  • Norine Holk$ 100
  • Janice and Frank De Fazio$ 50Such a great cause! Keep up the good work. Love how active the team has been.
  • Nana and Bill/ Mom and Dad (Jack-Blitz)$ 220So proud of how hard you are working for your health and to help feed kids that need a little help. Way to go Jack!
  • Char Douglas and Family (Jack - Blitz)$ 50Way to go Jack. Stay in shape and helping others.
  • Dave Walters$ 100
  • Douglas Family (Jack - Blitz)$ 54Way to go Jack! What a good thing you are doing to help others.
  • Stephen & Denise ( Jack - Blitz )$ 200Congratulations. Recognizing that there are children less fortunate than yourself and taking action to help is a wonderful thing. We are very proud of you.
  • Annie (Jack -Blitz)$ 100Such a good way to donate to a great cause! Keep it up, Jack!
  • Maria Mosher
  • Jeff $ 500
  • Frank Zanni$ 100
  • Jim and Suzie Williams (Gavin's Grandparents)$ 240Our hope is that no child has to live with hunger.
  • Jane and Bill Hann$ 240So glad to see that Team CRU5H has come together as a team to help stop hunger and make a difference in the lives of children. This is a great lesson in demonstrating gratitude for the many gifts you have been given. Good luck reaching your goal!
  • Krista Hann$ 100Great cause, good luck!
  • Titus VV$ 50I am certainly blessed with all the things given to me. Taken for granted a lot.

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