The Sodexo Canada Stop Hunger Foundation’s mission is to improve Quality of Life by meeting the fundamental basic need of good nutrition. Through the Stop Hunger Foundation, Sodexo Canada donates time, skills and money to tackle hunger, teach life skills and encourage sustainable food practices to members of our communities.

We are proud to support our National partner, Breakfast Club of Canada and its initiative of an Emergency Fund to reach children in need during this pandemic. Please join us to reach our goal of raising $30,000 to continue to provide food security to the communities facing the greatest need across the country.

Additionally, the amount collected will be 100% matched by the Global Stop Hunger endowment fund so your donation will have double impact on the children well-being.

Together we can make a bigger impact in the fight to end hunger in our communities in Canada and ensure that no child suffers from hunger.



  • La North$ 300
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Wendy Williams$ 20Donating on behalf of Wendy for her help making reusable masks to keep communities safe!
  • A. Mary Murphy
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Denise Saulnier
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Suzanne Bergeron$ 100Ma contribution pour le challenge BBQ et ma participation de la part de l'équipe RH.
  • Anonymous$ 500
  • Subaru de Laval$ 10,000Tous ensemble - ça va vraiment bien aller!
  • First Canada$ 250Lets all pitch in and make sure no kids go hungry!
  • Anonymous$ 3,625
  • BBQ Ninja cleaning challenge$ 20
  • Bergeron, Therese$ 100Ce don est fait à la mémoire de monsieur Jules Paquin, un être exceptionnel, généreux, au bonheur facile.
  • On behalf of David Ogilvy of Ogilvy & Ogilvy Inc. $ 150
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Gareth Ellis
  • Anonymous$ 200
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Tiffany$ 250In loving memory of our wonderful grandmother, Yue Qing Huang.
  • YoungLUX
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Anonymous$ 35
  • Veronica Haining
  • Anna Tse$ 100
  • Mathieu Marcotte
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Anonymous$ 100
  • Anonymous$ 250
  • Jill Morgan
  • Chris Biggers
  • Anonymous$ 50
  • Paula Ashley
  • Anonymous$ 20
  • Lisa White
  • Steven Courtney
  • Tracyann Pearce$ 50
  • Mary DiBattista$ 50
  • Marie-Josée Beaupré
  • Celia Jargelo
  • Eric Larocque$ 100
  • Michelle C
  • Maxim Thibault$ 25
  • In memory of Gina Gentleman$ 75
  • Nicole Paquet, Sodexo Canada$ 50
  • Bruce Pearson $ 100

With the new Canadian regulations, it is necessary to create an account and be logged in to contact a campaign manager or member. We thank you for your understanding.